Our Services

We are ready to offer you a unique business menu of services for the most demanding tastes   


- Linguistic support for your business: oral and written translations;
- Consultations on matters of foreign economic activity;
- Marketing research and company promotion;
- Organization of b2b meetings abroad ;

Oral and written translations:

  • Professional translation support for events (exhibitions, contact exchanges, conferences and congresses);
  • Translations of business meetings and negotiations;
  • Interpretation during installation and commissioning works and personnel training, training, etc;
  • Written technical translation and professional adaptation of documents, instructions, standards, certificates, etc. (the most demanded areas: machine tools, electronics, petrochemical industry, shipbuilding, engineering, aviation);
  • Legal translation, translation of financial documents;
  • Translation and localization of sites.

Advice on FEA:

  • Evaluation of the competitiveness of your products on the market;
  • Evaluating the potential of the foreign market and identifying possible customers;
  • Search for customers and partners abroad;
  • Search for experts in external markets;
  • Analysis of supply logistics, development of optimal solutions.

Marketing research (desk and field):

  • The socio-economic situation in the country, the region.
  • Analysis of market volume, structure and development trends
  • Assessment of competitors, the quality of their services or products

Formation of public opinion about your company and promotion of your

  • SEO promotion of websites;
  • Development of social networks (writing posts and publishing them by native speakers, 24-hour chat support, etc.);
  • Interaction with the media;
  • Promotion of the company on professional online platforms.

 Organization of b2b meetings abroad:

We will quickly and efficiently prepare a foreign visit for you, work out a business program, conduct initial negotiations with your potential counterparties, arrange visits to companies you are interested in. Thus, you will have the opportunity to meet with really interested in cooperation partners and clients.